About MobiT … Mobile Toronto Info & our Unique QR Management System

Introducing the “MobiT” – a Special QR Code for Business to engage their growing Mobile Customers. The MobiT, the brainchild of the MobileToronto.info Project. is the result of months of research and development by Profound Ideation Inc. with one goal in mind: to create One QR code with multiple destinations.

Built on the Mobile Toronto QR Management System, an advanced QR code generation & management services platform, the MobiT ready for Prime-Time. Adopted by multiple local brands and retailers to power their cross channel e & m-Commerce Solutions, our MobiT QR Management platform enables you to target & Engage your customers with your specific & Relevant content at the right time.

With MobileToronto.info’s QR technology, Profound Ideation Inc. can create and customize our unique QR codes, to manage your associated Links to Content & produce advanced analytics based on scans by mobile consumer including the number of scans, time of day, as well as the type Smart-Phone or Mobile Device (ie. tablets, iPods or MP3/4 Players, eReaders used! (And soon, the location of each scan.)

One code, multiple links, Fresh Content, Increased Interest, Engagement and viral Promotion which does not need to expire. Since each of our MobiT QR Codes can be associated with multiple Destination Links, it is powerful and customized to your needs! However, only a single Destination Link can be valid at any given time, but combined with the Unique techniques and Technologies of Profound Ideation, we are able to adapt unique advanced features into each QR Code we call a “MobiT”. Each MobiT can be scheduled to a display multiple promotional content which can change over a period of time.

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